Software development models include:

  • Web-based Solutions
  • Systems Analysis and Design
  • Database Solutions
  • Quick Applications
  • Performance Enhancements

Software For A Diverse Client Base

We continue to be a development solutions provider for service, telecommunications, manufacturing, and non-profit entities.

Below are examples of the programming projects we’ve completed.

Application Client Purpose
Backup management solution Logistics firm Customized backup implementation to satisfy unique requirements
Service integration Telecommunications provider Integration solution for several centralized services
Data capture and deployment solution Home health care provider Automated data entry and metadata capture and deployment for distributed systems
Reports engine Telecommunications provider Time reporting information service
Inventory dashboard Food service provider Single pane view into inventory availability across warehouses and orders
Order entry solution Food service provider Order entry component of supply chain management (SCM) solution
Customized scheduler interface Telecommunications provider Provide integration between GUI centric product and enterprise scheduler